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    Remember back when you got that cheesy sweater for Christmas? Come on, everybody goes through that at least once. Those relatives that we hardly know drop by around the holidays, or maybe send a package of stuff we can only shake our heads at. What were they thinking? When it comes to the...
    There's something very heart warming and festive about seeing a pile of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents beneath a Christmas tree. It makes each present look as special and expensive as the next because someone has obviously taken the time and care to make it look stunning. Wonderful if it...
    At Christmas time, many of us find ourselves in stressful situations, trying to prepare everything at the last minute. Here are some tips that may help you develop a more organised holiday season. Rather than cram all your Christmas gift shopping into a short space of time, try to spread it out...
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    Hi, I'm Allen. I have been studying personal finance and wealth creation strategies for the past 3 years. I am dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals, but am also great fan of Holidays. Christmas is my favorite, so I decided to run this Blog with tips on everything Christmas. And Merry Christmas Wishes, of course!

    Allan Kayne

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